Roco 10808 Z21 Detector
 Roco 10808 Z21 DetectorRoco 10808 Z21 Detector 

Roco 10808 Z21 Detector

Input voltage
12-24V DCC or MM
Input current
4,1 A max.
Internal CAN or R-BUS consumption
0,25 W
Internal track input consumption
Output per channel
3 A
Digital system
DCC and/or Motorola
Occupied message
8 x per current measurement and RailCom®
Dimensions L x W x H
104 mm x 104 mm x 25 mm


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Z21 Detector 10808 (Railcom )

  • Track-occupied detector for 8 sections
  • Occupied message by means of power monitoring of track sections
  • RailCom-detector for loco identification
  • Connection via CAN bus and R bus
  • Configuration and update siimply by app or PC via Z21
  • Occupied/Feedback wiht momentary contact
  • Includes connection cable for R-Bus/CAN

RailCom is a registered trademark of Lenz Elektronik GmbH.

10808 - Z21 DETECTOR (RailCom®)

To automate your system, it is essential to install a well-functioning feedback system. 

The main function of the Z21 DETECTOR is the feedback message via current monitoring on 8 track sections. This essential function is possible via R-BUS and CAN. This means that the 10808 can be used both on the black Z21 and on the white z21 and the z21start.

The address of the feedback module can be set very easily using the integrated programming key. The status of each input is displayed via a separate status LED.

The CAN-BUS on the black Z21 offers even more:
  • Locomotive identification via RailCom® Local Detector on each of the 8 inputs, and all at the same time. This means you always know which locomotive is located in which section.
  • The RailCom® Local Detector via CAN also provides the option of POM reading in booster sections where a RailCom cut-out is being produced, but where there is no RailCom® Global Detector in the booster itself. This is the case with the Z21 light BOOSTER, for example.
  • Response characteristics, current thresholds, RailCom® settings and the address can be easily configured via the Z21 Maintenance Tool.
  • The firmware update for future features can also be carried out easily and quickly using the Z21 Maintenance Tool.

 Z21_Detector_10808_Manual (1.8 MB)
 Z21_Detector_10808_Quick guide (2.0 MB)

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