Roco 52526 52526 - Diesel locomotive class 211, DB

Roco 52526 52526 - Diesel locomotive class 211, DB

Number of axles with traction tyres 1
Number of driven axles 4
Coupling NEM shaft 362 without close coupling mechanism
Minimum radius 358 mm
Flywheel yes
Electrical Motor 5-pole motor Interface Electrical interface for traction units
PluX22 Head light Two direction dependent tail lights and dual headlights.
LED head light yes

Measurements Length over buffer 139 mm

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Our Price:  £95.00 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  RC52526
Brand:  Roco
Bar Code:  9005033525262



No stock, discontinued

Diesel locomotive class 211 of the German Federal Railway.

- Model at a particularly low price
- With Plux22 interface and LED lighting now available for the first time

Scale:  HO Scale
Condition:  New
Epoch:  IV
Railway Company:  DB
Locomotive Type:  Diesel

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