Roco 74086 - 3 piece set ''Railjet'', ÖBB

Roco 74086 - 3 piece set "Railjet", ÖBB

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74086 - 3 piece set "Railjet", ÖBB

3 piece set "Railjet" of the Austrian Federal Railway in current design with family and quite zone lettering. The set contains a 1st class wagon and two Economy-Class wagons.

Interior design imitation depending on the classification of each coach. The models have sophisticately designed wagon transitions. Each wagon is designed in longitudinal scale 1:87.

■ For the first time in updated design with zone lettering
■ Train operates on the lines between Salzburg Central Station and Vienna Central Station
■ The set perfectly matches the items 73266 and 74086
■ Licenced ÖBB models

In the ÖBB Railjet, the coaches with a quite zone and family zone are now also made visible on the outside. The family zone sign is marked in a bright blue. There the interior is designed especially for families with children. The quiet zone sign is recognizable by the colour green and can be found both in the first class and in the second class coaches. The quite zone thus becomes an area where you can travel relaxed, chill out or work in peace. The pictograms at the access of the coaches mark the way to both zones. The outside markers will then be gradually attached to all Railjet units.

Product Details

  • Interior fitting Model with interior furnishing
  • Interior fitting Interior lighting can be fitted.
  • Coupling NEM shaft 362 with close coupling mechanism



  • Length over buffer is 915mm


Scale:  HO
Epoch:  VI
Railway Company:  OBB

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