Roco DBAG BR218 Freight Starter Set VI (DCC-Fitted)

Roco DBAG BR218 Freight Starter Set VI (DCC-Fitted)

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z21 start Digitalset: Diesel locomotive class 218 with freight train of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

1 Diesel locomotive class 218
1 Gondola
1 Sliding wall wagon
1 Container carrier wagon
1 z21 start
1 Z21 multiMAUS
1 Transformer

ROCO LINE with bedding:
12 Curved tracks R2, 14 Straight tracks G1, 1 Turnout left Wl15,
1 Straight track G½, 1 Feeder track (G½), 1 Buffer stop, 1 Embankment end piece, Substitute embankment slopes
Size: approx. 240 x 100 cm.

z21 is a modular design digital system:
■ Begin with z21 start and Z21 multiMAUS.
■ Upgrading with a WiFi router and activation code, Art. no. 10814 and thus use of smartphone, Tablet-PC, Z21 WLANMAUS and computer (Software-protected model train control) is possible.
■ If you already have your own WiFi router and you know how to work with WiFi networks, then the activation code 10818 is sufficient for the aforementioned upgrading.
Scale:  HO
Condition:  New
Epoch:  VI
Railway Company:  DBAG
Locomotive Type:  Diesel Locomotive
Sound Fitted:  DCC Ready

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