Uhlenbrock 62015 Loconet cable 28cm long

Uhlenbrock 62015 Loconet cable 28cm long

Our Price:  £2.95 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  UH62015
Brand:  Uhlenbrock
Bar Code:  4033405620159





Uhlenbrock UH62015 Loconet cable 28cm long.

So far, our LocoNet cables with plug / plug or socket / socket have been supplied in a twisted version. That means: So far, pin 1 was connected to 6, pin2 to 5, etc. In the future, they will be available as un-rotated (1: 1) versions, i.e. pin 1 with 1, pin 2 with 2 etc. are connected.

This has become necessary due to a new booster concept. These cables will replace the old cable version.

The previous rotated versions of the cables are only required if several Power 2 boosters are to be connected to each other via LocoNet.

All other devices supplied so far (except Power 2) can be connected to each other with both types of cable.

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