Uhlenbrock 63240 Power 4 Booster

Uhlenbrock 63240 Power 4 Booster

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Product Code:  63240
Brand:  Uhlenbrock
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Uhlenbrock 63240 Power 4The LocoNet capable power 4 is a high performance multi-protocol booster. Multiprotocol is, it can be used in 2-wire and 3-wire operation for DCC, Motorola, mfx, Selectrix and FMZ.It provides the plant an additional 3.5 A output current. The output is protected against short circuits and overload. The Power 4 can be configured via built-in switch. More options you have, however, in the setting via the LocoNet.If the Power 4 is operated on a Intellibox II, so any error messages are displayed in plain language on the Intellibox display. In DCC systems, the Power 4 can be used as a braking generator. Depending on the preset delay, the decoder used to brake the locomotives in holding areas from prototypically. There can be any number of connected braking areas.Up to seven terminal loop relays can be connected to the power. 4 Genuine multi-protocol booster for the DCC, Mí_rklin Motorola, mfx, Selectrix and FMZ Compatible with centers from Uhlenbrock, Mí_rklin, Fleischmann, Piko, Lenz, ESU, Viessmann uva. Maximum output current 3.5 A Switchable to DCC brake generator mode With output for reversing loop relays LocoNet capable therefore particularly suitable for module systems RailCom support Short circuit proof, overload proof Connections: LocoNet B, DCC booster, Mí_rklin-Booster Setting via switches and LocoNet CV programming

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