Uhlenbrock 73800 Function decoder

Uhlenbrock 73800 Function decoder

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Product Code:  73800
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Uhlenbrock function decoders for Motorola® and DCC have four function outputs. They support the function mapping of 32000 functions. All outputs can be switched, flashing or dimmed depending on the direction of travel. Flashing frequency and intensity of dimming are adjustable. The new decoder 73800 replaces the previous 73900. It is more powerful and cheaper.

Item No. 73800 mini function decoder

Suitable for:

  • Gauge: N-TT-H0e-H0m
  • Data format: DCC / Mot.


  • Continuous load capacity: 0.6 A
  • Function outputs: 4
  • Blink generators: 1
  • Addresses DCC / Motorola: 9999/80
  • Analog operation: =
  • Short circuit protected: yes
  • Connection: 75mm cable
  • Size in mm: 11 x 8 x 2.4

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