Uhlenbrock - IntelliSound 4 microModul 32415

Uhlenbrock - IntelliSound 4 microModul 32415

Product Code:  UH32415
Brand:  Uhlenbrock
Bar Code:  4033405324156




The IntelliSound 4 microModule deserves its name. At just 14 x 8.8 x 3.3mm, it's smaller than a fingernail. It can also be used to provide vehicles with sound for which the project has so far been hopeless.

As small as the module is, it delivers up to 0.8 watts of output power, making it more than enough for small speakers. We have dispensed with an input for wheel sensors, as well as with the special function outputs in favor of size.

The module, as supplied empty for recording or with your desired sound.

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