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Tamiya Craft Tool Series Tamiya Weathering Master & Stick Easy Way to a Pro-Level Finish Weathering means adding realistic-looking effects to your models, such as sand on tank treads and mud-caked rally car bodies. These new Tamiya Craft Tools offer by far the easiest way to achieve realistic weathering effects. Weathering Master comes in a pocket sized case with 3 colors and special applicator tool. The pen-type Weathering Stick offers up to 5mm of easy-to-apply color by simply twisting the tip. A Set B Set Weathering Master A Set Item Noą__87079 Sand (for dusty finish) Light Sand (for dusty finish on light-colored vehicles) Mud (for mud on tank treads and rally cars) Weathering Master B Set Item Noą__87080 Snow (for winter camouflage and light snow) Soot (for soot from exhaust pipes and gun barrels) Rust (for rusting of AFV and boat hulls) C Set D Set ń_ŠWeathering Master C Set Item Noą__87085▄ˇˇ Orange Rust (for orange/red tinted rusty metal Gun Metal (for unpolished metal look) Silver (for polished metal look) ń_ŠWeathering Master D Set Item Noą__87088▄ˇˇ Burnt Blue (for scorched metal look) Burnt Red (for scorched metal look) Oil Stain (for realistic brownish-gray oil stain color) E Set ń_ŠWeathering Master E Set Item Noą__87098▄ˇˇ Yellow (for WWII German dark yellow vehicles) Gray (for WWII German gray vehicles) Green (for WWII Allied green vehicles) Mud Snow Weathering Stick (Mud) Item Noą__87081 Easy to use pen-type tool for achieving realistic finishing effects on your scale models. Perfect for depicting mud on tank treads or rally car chassis. Weathering Stick (Snow) Item Noą__87082 Twist tip of Weathering Stick to extend color and simply paint snow onto model for impressive wintertime finish. Sand Light Earth ń_ŠWeathering Stick (Sand) Item Noą__87086▄ˇˇ Pen-shaped Weathering Stick makes it easy to apply realistic desert weathering effects anywhere you want. Perfect for military vehicles and desert rally cars. ń_ŠWeathering Stick (Light Earth) Item Noą__87087▄ˇˇ Light brown color depicts dried mud and can be used to create a more realistic finish on a wide variety of models. 1. Using Sponge Tip Use sponge tip to smear soot onto model surfaces as shown in photos. 2. Using Normal Paint Brush Mix rust color with acylic thinner to apply with paint brush to depict realistic rust stains. 3. Depict Muddy Motorcross Bikes Use Weathering Stick and Weathering Master mud versions to depict realistic motorcross models. 4. Add Flavor to Car Dioramas Use Weathing Master soot and sand colors to add texture to road surfaces. Use Weathering Stick snow to paint white road lines. 5. Depict Soot Stains on AFVs Use Weathering Master to depict soot stains on tank cannon 6. For Winter Camouflage Weathering Master snow is perfect for recreating winter camouflage. Use Weathering Stick snow to depict snow stuck to tracks and road wheels. 7. Get Muddy Finish for Tank Tracks Use Weathering Stick to apply directly to tracks, or dillute with water to apply using brush. 8. Touch-Up Finished Models. Drybrush ontro finished models to create a model unlike any other. Movie 1 (21 sec) Movie 2 (18 sec) Weathering Master & Stick Downloadable Movies MPEG format Watch these movies to see the Weathering Master & Stick in action! Movie 1 (Weathering Master)(3.4MB) Movie 2 (Weathering Stick)(5.3MB) Moive 3 (2min 3sec) Movie 4 (1min 23sec) ń_ŠWeathering Master D Set Downloadable Movies Movie (Muffler Weathering) WMV Formatą_Ü30MBą_Ő▄ˇˇą_ÜFor Windows Media Playerą_ŐńˇÚStreaming Video Movie (Chamber Weathering) WMV Formatą_Ü20MBą_Ő▄ˇˇą_ÜFor Windows Media Playerą_ŐńˇÚStreaming Video Sponge Brush (Medium) ń_ŠWeathering Sponge Brush (Medium) Item Noą__87083▄ˇˇ Made from soft, ultra-fine fibers, this sponge brush can be used with the Weathering Master sets for detailed weathering effect application. Sponge Brush (Fine) ń_ŠWeathering Sponge Brush (Fine) Item Noą__87084▄ˇˇ When used with the Weathering Master sets, this high-quality brush will enable weathering effect application even in hard to reach areas.

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