Sub-miniature Motor Decoder; 0.7A; 6 FO; 6-pin direct

Sub-miniature Motor Decoder; 0.7A; 6 FO; 6-pin direct

Zimo MX616N 6pin decoder.

Our Price:  £34.00 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  MX616N
Brand:  Zimo





Zimo MX616N 6pin decoder

This is the smallest Zimo decoder currently. The decoder like its bigger brother does not have SUSI interface so is also not capable of running servos.

Decoder Spec

  • DCC +RailCom, DC-Analog
  • Motor Current continuious 0.7A (peak 1.5A)
  • Functions 6 outputs
  • Function may curent 500mA Total 
  • Size 8.0x8.0x2.4mm

Special Features:-



Multiprotocol (DCC/MM)

Uncoupling Control

Decoder type:  6 pin
Motor current, continuous:  0.7A
Function Outputs:  6

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