Zimo MX622N 6 pin

Zimo MX622N 6 pin

Zimo MX622N

Our Price:  £20.00 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  MX622N
Brand:  Zimo
Bar Code:  9.01E+12



No stock, discontinued

Zimo MX622N Decoder Six Pin

Application: Vehicles in N, HOe, HOm and in HO , OO vehicles with limited space.

Miniature Decoder - 14 x 9 x 2,5 mm - 0,8A

4 function outputs (2 wired, 2 on solder pads), 7 wires,

Complete ZIMO features: DCC, Motorola, servo control pads, SUSI, RailCom, NMRA and ZIMO function mapping, HLU,...

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