Zimo MX632 HO/OO Decoder with high output  & built in 'energy storage circuitry' 28 x 15.5 x 4mm  - 1.6 Amps  (wires only)

Zimo MX632 HO/OO Decoder with high output & built in 'energy storage circuitry' 28 x 15.5 x 4mm - 1.6 Amps (wires only)

Zimo MX632

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Product Code:  MX632
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Zimo MX632 DCC Decoder

  • Dimensions(mm) :- 20mmx8.5mmx3.5mm
  • Motor Current :- 1.6A Peak Current :- 2.5A
  • Functions :- 8
  • Serco Outputs :- 2
  • Low Voltage OutPuts :- 1.5,
  • 5VEnergy Storage Supported :- Yes

The new Decoder Family MX632 :The new Decoder Family covers a number of special features and a substantial innovation (see details below). The MX632 is derived technically from the MX630, which has only been on the market for a few months, but has proved itself with progressive characteristics, that are common to all ZIMO decoders, and by its robustness (up to 50 Volts).MX632 - the new High-power Decoder (in all versions) 1,8 A Motor current and 8 Function Outputs.As the modern successor to the MX64H, it is for current hungry 00/H0 scale models (e.g. with 2 motors), 0 scale models, or G scale models that have a small space available. Unlike the MX64H, 2 of the function outputs can be connected to servo motors.MX632D - the new 21-pin Decodercloses the gap left by the departure of the MX64D, and the new product brings some advantages such as higher current output (1.8A), which is especially useful for 0 scale locosMX632V, MX632W - New Decoders for low volt functions.The Innovation in all version of the MX632: Integrated capacitor interface Effective Energy storage almost for Free.Energy storage at the decoder using capacitors has great benefits, even capacitors of 100 _F have positive effects, but 10,000 _F is much better (expensive solutions such as gold caps are not really necessary and they do use space).Avoid getting stuck and flickering lights, on dirty tracks or point frogs, especially with the ZIMO method of "avoiding stopping on dead places" (really useful starting from 1,000 _F).Verringerung der Erw_rmung des Decoders besonders bei Motoren mit niedrigem ohm_schen Widerstand (wirksam bereits ab einer Kapazit_t von etwa 100 uF),When using RailCom Technology:Abolition of the energy loss through the "RailCom" gap,Decrease of engine noise caused by RailCom,Improvement of the quality (= the readability) of the RailCom signals(effective already with a capacitor of 100 uF)."RailCom" is a trade mark of Lenz GmbH.However, the simple connecting of a capacitor to the earth and positive poles of the decoder is not enough, as this creates unwanted side-effects. Software updating, loading of sound projects, programming in "Service Mode" and the ZIMO number recognition feature can be made difficult or even impossible.The MX632 has all necessary components already installed, enabling simple direct connection of the capacitor for external energy storage .Each MX632, when delivered, has a small capacitor (220 _F) enclosed, as a starting point for using energy storage technology. Larger capacitors (in parallel) are recommended. Also a bank of gold cap capacitors (e.g. 8 gold caps with a voltage of 2.5V) can be used in series.

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