Zimo MX645F As MX645 with wired 6 pin NEM 651 plug

Zimo MX645F As MX645 with wired 6 pin NEM 651 plug

Zimo MX645F

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Product Code:  MX645F
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MX645F ZIMO Locomotive decoder with 6-pin (NEM651) The MX645F is one of the latest generation of ZIMO sound decoders for HO and some TT use. They have advanced capabilities, good continuous load rating and high power sound output. The MX645F is fitted with a 6-pin Plug on Cable (NEM651). General: 30 x 11 x 4mm. 14, 28 or 128 speed step (256 or 1024 internal steps). Ops and service mode programming. Built in capacitor support 1<2 seconds. Contacts for additional capacitor support. Drive on DC Software upgradeable (Requires MXDECUP module, MXULF or a ZIMO DCC System). Overload and overheat protected (but not totally immune to misuse). Motor Drive: 1.2Amp continuous, 1.5 Amp peak. Silent motor drive at 20 or 40 kHz. Suitable for all DC motors including coreless. Individual speed curves. Automatic drive optimization but can be manually adjusted. Functions: 10 function outputs including 2 for SUSI/Logic level. Max total all functions 0.8 Amps. Full function mapping F0 to F12. Full lighting functions; dim, flash, mars, strobe etc.. Train Control & Feedback Brake on DC. Lenz ABC (asymmetric brake control). Zimo braking modes. Constant braking distance. RailCom equipped. Sound: Amplifier- 3 Watt. 16 Bit sound mixing. 32 Mbit sound storage. Speaker Impedence - 4 to 8 Ohms. As standard this decoder is loaded with five generic steam and one diesel sound schemes; selectable by CV.

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