Maxi Sound Decoder; 3W audio; 1.2A; 10 FO; 8-pin wired

Maxi Sound Decoder; 3W audio; 1.2A; 10 FO; 8-pin wired

Zimo MX645R

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Product Code:  MX645R
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Zimo MX645R As MX645 with wired 8 pin NEM 652 plug

The MX645R is one of the latest generation of ZIMO sound decoders for OO/HO and some O use. They have advanced capabilities, good continuous load rating and high power sound output. The MX645R is fitted with a 8-pin Plug on Cable (NEM652).


  •  30 x 11 x 4mm.
  •  14, 28 or 128 speed step (256 or 1024 internal steps).
  •  Ops and service mode programming.
  •  Built in capacitor support 1<2 seconds.
  •  Contacts for additional capacitor support.
  •  Drive on DC
  •  Software upgradeable (Requires MXDECUP module, MXULF or a ZIMO DCC System).
  •  Overload and overheat protected (but not totally immune to misuse).

Motor Drive:

  •  1.2Amp continuous, 1.5 Amp peak.
  •  Silent motor drive at 20 or 40 kHz.
  •  Suitable for all DC motors including coreless.
  •  Individual speed curves.
  •  Automatic drive optimization but can be manually adjusted.


  •  10 function outputs including 2 for SUSI/Logic level. Max total all functions 0.8 Amps.
  •  Full function mapping F0 to F12.
  •  Full lighting functions; dim, flash, mars, strobe etc..
  •  Train Control & Feedback
  •  Brake on DC.
  •  Lenz ABC (asymmetric brake control).
  •  Zimo braking modes.
  •  Constant braking distance.
  •  RailCom equipped.


  •  Amplifier-Œæ 3 Watt.
  •  16 Bit sound mixing.
  •  32 Mbit sound storage.
  •  Speaker Impedence - 4 to 8 Ohms.

As standard this decoder is loaded with five generic steam and one diesel sound schemes; selectable by CV.

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