Zimo MX646 Narrow  Sound  Decoder - 28 x 10.5 x 4mm  - 1.0 Amp - 1 Watt Audio (wires only)

Zimo MX646 Narrow Sound Decoder - 28 x 10.5 x 4mm - 1.0 Amp - 1 Watt Audio (wires only)

Zimo MX646 NarrowŚć SoundŚć Decoder

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Zimo MX646 NarrowŚć SoundŚć Decoder - 28 x 10.5 x 4mmŚć - 1.0 Amp - 1 Watt Audio (wires only).

The miniature sound decoder for various N and TT models suitable as an alternative for 00/H0, driving and full sound functionality like the MX644 or MX645, despite small dimensions.

The MX646 family of miniature sound decoders is an advanced design, first introduced in late

2010. It has become an incredibly popular item in the range because of its high specification and

Small physical size. Devised specifically for the smaller scales, encompassing 'N' TT' & 'HO',

it is almost identical to our larger sound chips apart from the lack of energy storage circuitry.

The 1.OA continuous current rating 1-5A peaks means it also suitable for .00' gauge

Applications where space inside the locomotive body is at a premium.

Highlights Include Suitable for all types of DC motor including coreless, RailCom equipped,

Automatic motor optimization, 3 & 28-step programmable speed curves, Shunting and half-speed modes, 20 or 40 kHz 'silent' motor drive with back-EMF sampling Signal and distance-controlled stopping. See full manual for details.

This MX646 decoder comes shipped with a pro-installed default European sound project comprising six continental Steam Locomotives and one diesel locomotive. These can be selected by changing the value of CV#265

ŚćCV#265 = 1 (BR01),

CV#265 = 2 (BR1-10 3-cyl),

CV#265 = 3 (BR44),

CV#265 = 4 (BR50),

CV#265 = 5 (BR52),

CV#265 = 6 (BR93)

Sounds allocated to function keys are.

F0 - Lights.

F2 - short Whistle

F4 - blow off

F5 - long whistle,

F6 - bell,

F7 - coal shovelling or oil burner,

F8 - Sound ON/OFF.

F9 - Compressor.

Fl0 - generator,

F11 -injector


CV#265= 10 provides a BR218 diesel with the following function keys

F0 - Lights.

F1 - Tail lights,

F2 - interior lights

F3 -coupling noise.

F4 - Horn.

F5 - Horn 2,

F7 -Guard' s Whistle

F8 -Sound ON/OFF.

F9 - Preheating.

F11 - compressor

For British sounds please contact US

Size: 28 x 10.5 x 4mm

Motor Current: 1.0A continuous (1.5A peak)

Function Outputs: 4

Sound: 1W

Speaker Needed: 8 Ohm

Sound Memoty: 32Mbit

Suggested application: N Guage

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