Zimo MX649F Smallest Wired Sound Decoder - 6-pin

Zimo MX649F Smallest Wired Sound Decoder - 6-pin

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ZIMO does not build the absolutely smallest decoders that exist on the world market, but consistently "fully equipped". This refers to the well-known range of ZIMO quality features such as motor control and sound concept, to the high voltage resistance of 30 V, and on the critical point especially with miniature decoders: As with all ZIMO sound decoders jump immediately (in this fallocker-colored) tantalum capacitors into the eye. Despite the desire for the smallest dimensions ZIMO does not waive these essential components: without these capacitors (which ensure a minimum of energy storage) it would come even at the shortest contact interruptions to sound interference.


(for comparison predecessor MX646: 28 x 10.5 x 4 mm)

The decoder family MX649 is the successor and replacement for MX646, so it is available with the same interface variants (see above).

  • DCC + RailCom, DC analog, MM
  • 30 V maximum driving voltage
  • 0.7 A motor and total current (1.5 A peak)
  • 4 function outputs (Lv, Lr, FA1, FA2)
  • 2 logic levels
  • Outputs for additional functions servo control lines or SUSI
  • Watt audio, 8 ohms, 32 Mbps, 6 channels

All known ZIMO features regarding update capability, engine control and regulation, train control and feedback.


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