ZIMO MX681N - function decoders 0.7 A with 6 outputs - direct connection NEM 651

ZIMO MX681N - function decoders 0.7 A with 6 outputs - direct connection NEM 651

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ZIMO MX681N - function decoders 0.7 A with 6 outputs - direct connection NEM 651 Subminiature function decoders 0.7 A with 6 function Ausgí_ge direct connection NEM651. Special functions such as programmable Zimo second address, effects and functional mapping as locomotive decoders. Note Description: Digital products are revised stí_ndigverbessertund part manufacturers. You will find here only a brief description of and the most important technical data. For a detailed and current description, technical data and function Please visit the manufacturer's homepage. Note Operating Instructions: By diestí_ndigeVerbesserungund revision Digital products are usually delivered without operating instructions. You can find these aufder homepage of the manufacturer. Technical data / Product features:- Number Funktionsausgí_nge: 6 - Connector Type: Direct NEM651 - Weight (approx.): 1 grams - Dimensions (approx LxWxH): 12 x 8.5 x 2.2 mm - continuous current: 0.7 A - Current limiting function more outputs: 0.7A Available versions:- MX681 - Lead Wire - MX681N - 6-pin direct connector NEM651 function decoders are vehicle decoder for non-powered vehicles, therefore without connections for an engine but only with connections for function outputs. They are usually specific, ie less-populated, versions of locomotive decoders (in the above table is it with "based on ..." pointed), with whom they share many characteristics. This relationship not only serves to simplify the production manufacturers, but makes sense: quality function decoder control example, the entire acceleration logic of locomotive decoders so that the lights in the control car switch simultaneously with the locomotive at changes of direction. Also servo control and other useful things are taken over by master decoder. ZIMO function decoders offer even more: the programmable second address allows the response of the function decoder to an alternate address, which is usually set equal to the address of the traction vehicle. So therefore every car, for example, the lighting throughout the train are connected together via the locomotive address, but can still be reached separately through the "normal" address of the function decoder. The ZIMO radiofrequency receipt for programming and read-out operations on the programming track is in all ZIMO decoders available, but particularly advantageous for function decoders, because there is often only LEDs are connected, their use for the "normal" acknowledgment in Service Mode would not be enough.

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