Test & Connection Board with Speaker; small scale decoders

Test & Connection Board with Speaker; small scale decoders

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Product Code:  MXTAPS
Brand:  Zimo
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Zimo MXTAPS, with all interfaces The basic features are: - the carrier mating connectors for all current (= mid-2015) with ZIMO decoders used interfaces, ds PluX12, -16, -22, Next18, MTC21, NEM651, NEM652 (all NMRA or VHDM standardized) (ZIMO proprietary). - connection to MXULF or ZIMO base unit or other digital centers on Doppeklemme "TRACK", and possibly (if necessary and the counter device MXULF or MX10 is) about "SUSI" cable . - To test the decoders are available on the board: DC test motor, speaker (1 Watt), various LEDs for 10 function outputs as well as terminals for wires to external consumers . Conventional interconnection of the decoder update and sound-location device MXULFA with MXTAPS: MXTAPS is connected via the terminal double "BAR" to the output "track" of MXULFA or on a rail output a ZIMO base unit or another command station. There is no additional supply needed. If necessary, the "SUSI" connector of MXULF and MXTAPS (-V) are connected to each other (as when a MX10 is used): via "SUSI" is a much faster sound Laden as possible on the "rail". For decoders with the interfaces "PluX", "MTC", "Next" "SUSI" automatically lies on the "SUSI" interface of MXTAPS (-V) and can easily become MXTAPS (-V) are passed. A special feature together with ZIMO sound decoders: Simultaneous sound loading multiple decoder is about "SUSI" possible: Each decoder must be connected to a separate Decoder Test and connector board MXTAPS. The connection boards with each other are configured in parallel, which can be made for the "SUSI" -Parallelschaltung by the presence of two "SUSI" connectors through daisy chaining.

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