Peco SL-U1188 OO Finescale Bullhead System Right Hand Unifrog Point

Peco SL-U1188 OO Finescale Bullhead System Right Hand Unifrog Point

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Bullhead track has been in use on the railways since the earliest times, and is still very much in evidence today. These superb turnouts give an authentic 00 scale look to your layout, and feature metal check rails and prototypical machined turnout blades. Another feature of these turnouts is that both routes remain electrically live, making them ideal for DCC operation. They are constructed to our new versatile Unifrog design which can be operated, powered and switched like an Electrofrog or left unpowered if preferred.

Peco Streamline Code 75 track meets the standards of enthusiasts who prefer to run trains on scale height rail. Today most manufacturers' wheels are suitable for use on Code 75 track but some vintage models may have flanges which are too deep to clear the rail fixings. Code 75 can be easily combined with code 100 track by using the SL-113 Transition Track.

Technical Specification:
Length: 258mm
Frog Angle: 12 Degrees
Radius: 1524mm

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