Digital Control

The heart of your model railway is the control system. Our range of Digital systems start at the entry level system right up to full computer control. We can help you choose the right system to suit your preferred method of control for your model railway.

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Featured Products
Train-O-Matic Lokommander 2 Mini NEM 652 (9 wires + 8 pins) (W8P)
£18.50 (VAT incl.)
Digitrax DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder
£47.00 (VAT incl.)
Digikeijs DR5033 Booster
£74.33 (VAT incl.)
  3 in stock
Roco Z21 10820 - Digital control center Z21
£379.95   £339.95 (VAT incl.)
Uhlenbrock 67200 MD2 turnout decoder
£21.99 (VAT incl.)
  2 in stock
Marklin 60226 Central Station 3 Digital Control System
£645.00   £614.95 (VAT incl.)
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