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LoDi-21MTC-S board
LoDi-21MTC-S board
LoDi-21MTC-S board

LoDi-21MTC-S board.

Are you looking to convert older locos and add the latest technology?

With the LoDi-21MTC-S circuit board, a clean and quick conversion of older locomotives is child's play. 


0-24 volt AC, DC or digital voltage


Length: 23mm

Width: 16mm

Height: 13 mm at the highest point (may vary from decoder to decoder)

Weight: 2g

The characteristics of the LoDi-21MTC-S board

  • Simple 21-pin MTC interface for all common 21-pin. Locomotive and sound decoder
  • Space-saving design
  • Regardless of track size or 2-, 3-wire system
  • Integrated 1 kilohm resistors on front light, rear light, AUX1 and AUX2


The LoDi-21MTC-S board and its connectors


With the LoDi-21MTC-S board, we have dispensed with higher outputs such as AUX6 - AUX12. These are usually logic outputs or are used specifically by the manufacturer. 

We used the space for series resistors. This means that the circuit board can be used directly in locomotives with LEDs. You do not have to integrate additional resistors. 


Connection info NMRA color scheme:

  • TR-R = Right Rail = Red
  • TR-L = Left Rail = Black
  • MOT 1 = Right Motor = Orange
  • MOT 2 = left motor = grey
  • LV = front light = white 1k integrated
  • LH = rear light = yellow 1k integrated
  • U+ = Common + = Blue
  • AUX1 = Switchable Channel 1 = Green 1k
  • AUX2 = Switchable Channel 2 = Purple 1k
  • LS- / LS+ = speaker = brown



Here we have now installed LEDs with light change in the locomotive, 4 light channels are now used. With the LoDi-21MTC-S, 1 kiloohm resistors are installed at F0V/H as well as AUX1 and AUX2. This means that you do not have to install any additional resistors in the locomotive for changing the light.  




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LoDi-21MTC-S board

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