Train Tech SL60 - Television Simulator

Train Tech SL60 - Television Simulator

Train Tech SL60 - Television Simulator

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Product Code:  TTSL60
Brand:  Train-Tech
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Train Tech SL60 - Television Simulator

Fits inside a model house or shop and lights just like a television with multiple colours and flickering.

Smart Lights are a new kind of light which you can easily fit inside most buildings, trains, vehicles or other parts of your layout. They light up your models with the lighting effects of your choice! Each Smart Light is only 1cm square and has just 2 wires connect it to almost any low voltage supply. If you have a digital layout you can control it using a simple DCC accessory command, but just as easy to power from a 12V DC power pack or a 9 volt battery!

Small 1 x 1 x 0.3cm - fits in or under most models

Just 2 wires already pre-fitted to the lights

Power by standard 9-16V DC or a battery or by DCC which can also control some effects

Just connect and go - no setting up required

Even fitted with Self adhesive pad for easy mounting

Enhanced design slightly slimmer than the originalsw terminals - no extra resistors

Simple 2 wire connection to DCC or a standard 12V DC accessory output

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain

Note all of these modules only work with LEDs, not filament bulbs. LEDs are cheaper alternatives to bulbs which almost last forever and now come in lots of colours and sizes

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