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Adapter for the Interfaces HSI-88, HSI-88-USB and DiCoStation for s88-Bus Connections according to s88-N from the Digital-Professional-Series !

Features of the Adap-HSI-88-N
Via the adapter Adap-HSI-s88-N is it possible to connect s88-Feedbackmodules such as RM-88-N, RM-88-N-O and RM-GB-8-N directly via the screened Patch-Kabel to the Interfaces HSI-88, HSI-88-USB and DiCoStation in accordance to S88.

The 6-poles Socketbars of the Adapter Adap-HSI-s88-N shall be connected to the three 6-poles Pinbars of the Interface HSI-88, HSI-88-USB or DiCoStation. With this connection are three s88-Bus-Lines of the Interface RJ-45 sockets available for a s88-Connection of the first feedback modules by using the screened patch cable.

The finished module comes with 24 month warranty.

Each Adapter Adap-HSI-s88-N will be supplied with a detailed operating- /respectively assembly instruction. Those instructions can be found within the next section.

The Adap-HSI-s88-N will be supplied as tested finished module (-F).

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