Bemo 1287 103 RhB Geaf 2/2 20603 Shunter Metal Collection

Bemo 1287 103 RhB Geaf 2/2 20603 Shunter Metal Collection

Product Code:  1287103
Brand:  BEMO



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Bemo 1287 103 RhB Geaf 2/2 20603 Shunter Metal Collection.


Metal Collection: RhB shunting locomotive - order deadline: May 1, 2021

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RhB and MGB have ordered tailor-made bimodal electric battery locomotives from Stadler for shunting and light freight train service on the main network. The seven Geaf 20601-20607 will primarily run under catenary; they also have a traction battery with which the locomotives can also operate non-electrified sidings. Lithium-ion batteries are now so well developed that they also represent a suitable alternative to the diesel locomotives used up to now for rail shunting vehicles.

The new vehicles are superior to the old shunting locomotives in terms of economy, environmental pollution, susceptibility to failure, and noise and exhaust emissions. The traction battery is automatically charged when operating under the contact wire or the braking energy is fed back into the contact line network. Other key data are: dual brake for vacuum and compressed air brakes, installation option for an automatic coupling, radio remote control, all-round lighting for safe entry / exit of the locomotive and an overview in both directions thanks to the spacious central driver's cab for standing or sitting operation.
The locomotives are another cornerstone of the RhB's 2030 strategy with the aim of modernizing the rolling stock.

Metal handicraft model with LED lighting and digital interface Next18 (NEM 662), digital version with sound.

Scale  HOm
Condition  New Product
Railway Company  RhB

Estimated delivery date: 4th Q. 2021 

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