Bemo 3256 145 RhB ABe 4/4 53 'Tirano' Bernina multiple units

Bemo 3256 145 RhB ABe 4/4 53 'Tirano' Bernina multiple units

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Bemo 3256 145 RhB AB 1545 Standard Car I Bernina Railway.

In terms of numbers, the RhB's largest series of wagons include the EW I standard wagons, which were purchased in three lengths from 1962: A, AB and B for the main network and the Arosabahn, slightly modified A for the "Glacier Express" and AB and B wagons for the Bernina Railway . In order to be able to negotiate the narrow 50 m radii there, AB 1541-1546 or B 2307-2314 and B 2451-2460 were made significantly shorter. The vehicles are still used today in many regional trains on the Bernina line; however, they also run on the main network and are also approved for the neighboring FO / BVZ or MGB.


Scale  HOm
Epoch  VI
Railway Company  RhB

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