Bemo RhB Rw 8210 flat car ''Bündner Güterbahn'' Apfel & Hafen

Bemo RhB Rw 8210 flat car "Bündner Güterbahn" Apfel & Hafen

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Bemo RhB Rw 8210 flat car "Bündner Güterbahn" Apfel & Hafen

Length 190.3mm

Epoch VI

Bündner Güterbahn

For the regular transport of waste to the Untervaz / Trimmis waste incineration plant, from the middle of the first decade after the turn of the millennium, the RhB procured the red, closed refuse dumpsters Y 11811-11828 with hydraulic cover and opening flap on the front. A second procurement phase for garbage hoppers began in autumn 2018 with the arrival of gray hoppers with red front walls.
The Y 11851-11868, which had been procured in several series, were given red sides a little later and a multilingual slogan "Bündner Güterbahn" written on them in white. Four different decorative motifs were used in the lower-lying areas between the stiffening ribs: wood, stones, apples and the port / airport.

After the first edition of these attractive rubbish bin transport wagons have been sold off quickly, we are launching two Rw stake wagons, this time with two of the new bins each.

Scale  HOm
Condition  New
Epoch  VI
Railway Company  RhB

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