BLOCK signalling SEC4A-DCC Section Control Module

BLOCK signalling SEC4A-DCC Section Control Module

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The BLOCKsignalling Section Control Module is designed for DCC layouts, to protect a section of track to prevent more than one train entering that section at one time.

  • Monitors trains entering and leaving a section of track
  • Automatically sets the signal at the start of the section to danger (red)
  • Switches a section of track from DCC to DC, so DCC equipped locos automatically decelerate to a standstill in front of the signal at danger
  • Communicates to previous sections to ensure they show yellow (and double yellow) aspects when 3- and 4-aspect signals are used
  • Last section can simulate returning back to green using timers to provide realistic operation when 3- and 4-aspect signals are used
  • Points which are not set in the trains favour can force the signal to danger and switch the isolating section to DC
  • Signal can be forced to danger by an external input (useful for starter signals)
  • Suitable for 2-, 3-, and 4-aspect led signals (SEC4A-DCC for common-cathode and SEC4B-DCC for common-anode signals)
  • Bidirectional running mode with 2-aspect signalling at each end of the line
  • New: Additional Station Stop Modes
  • New: Additional Dapol output
  • Remembers whether the section is occupied after the power is removed and automatically restores the signals after power returns
  • Simple to setup, but also fully configurable to provide the most realistic operation
  • Requires a 12V DC Power Supply

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