Bus Suppressors/  Terminators  (2 Pack)
 Bus Suppressors/  Terminators  (2 Pack)Bus Suppressors/  Terminators  (2 Pack) 

Bus Suppressors/ Terminators (2 Pack)

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Product Code:  DCC-BSS.2
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Bus Suppressors/ Terminators (2 Pack) Two pack of BT2. When any short circuit happens on your DCC powered model railway, there is a rapid collapse of track voltage followed by a voltage spike that is approximately 3 times the original rail voltage... On a larger scale layout or one with some higher voltage European DCC systems, this can be as high as 65 volts! This is enough to cause incremental damage to decoders and is one of the primary reasons for spontaneous decoder failure. The BT2 stops this problem and also acts to smooth the DCC waveform in general use, ensuring better data communication and reliable running.

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