ESU Class 26 (Legomanbiffo) Sound With DriveLock

ESU Class 26 (Legomanbiffo) Sound With DriveLock

Our Price:  £118.50 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  26-ESU-V5-8
Brand:  ESU

ESU Class 26 (Legomanbiffo) - All New Features Added

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V5 Sound Decoders. 

F1 Sound On/Off. (This project has no failed start, only Cold & Warm starts.)

F2 Playable High Note Horn.

F3 Playable Low Note Horn.

F4 Buffer Clash(when moving slow) and two different coupling hook sounds.  

F5 Brake application (when moving) / Brake dump (when stationary)

F6 Drivers door open/close.  

F7 Compressor.  

F8 Drive Hold (DriveLock)  

F9 Speed Dependant Automatic Flange/Wheel Squeel.

F10 Despatch Whistle.

F11 Not Used

F12 Roof Fan/Cooler Group. 

F13 Not Used.  

F14 Exhauster Low / High (Two Speed)

F15 Spirax Valves

F16 Not Used.

F17 Not Used.

F18 Detonators. A 'three-bang stop'. The bangs come closer together as the loco gets faster NEW FEATURE

F19 Aux.

F20 Aux.


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