ESU Class 52 (Legomanbiffo) Sound

ESU Class 52 (Legomanbiffo) Sound

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ESU Class 52 (Legomanbiffo)Ść

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND Sound Decoders.

F0 Lights On / Off (New Fade on/Fade off feature enabled)

F1 Sound On/Off. (See also Engine Priming Start info below NOTE1 & NOTE2 )

See Driving Technique Below:

F2 Playable High Note Horn

F3 Playable Low Note Horn

F4 Buffer Clash on slow speed / Two different coupling hook sounds when stationery

F5 Air Release (Dump) when stationery, if left on this gives brake application, when speed is reduced to zero

F6 Drivers door open/close.

F7 Not Used

F8 Drive Lock (Drive Hold)

F9 Automatic Speed dependant Flange/Wheel Squeel

F10 Guards Despatch Whistle

F11 Not Used

F12 Not Used

F13 Sanders

F14 Engine Priming (See info below)

F15 Engine Pre Heaters

F16 Fuel Pump

F17 Not Used

F18 Track Detonators (A speed dependant 3 Bang Stop Warning)

F19 Aux 1

F20 Aux 2


Turn on the Pre-Heaters (F15) The pre-heater motor starts and the burner ignites (Real locomotives can have the burner on for up to three hours, to heat the hydraulic oil)

When F15 is turned off the burner stops and the motor continues for a few seconds before stopping. Then turn on F14 (Engine priming pump) Leave running for about 15 seconds(the time in takes to walk from No1 End engine room to No2 End engine room). Briefly turn off F14, wait until the second priming pump starts,then turn F14 back on again. The two pumps should be on for about one minute, briefly turn F14 off and back on again to stop the first pump, leave for approx 15 seconds before pressing F14 to turn off the second pump.

NOTE 2: OPERATION OF MULTISTART/STOP (After engine priming F14 and F15 above):

Press F1 to start Engine No1, you may leave the loco running on one engine indefinitely and stop it again by turning F1 off. You cannot drive the loco on one engine!

With Engine No1 running as above, start Engine No2 by briefly turning F1 off and back on again (IE Press F1 off, count to three and Press F1 back on again) Alternatively, opening the throttle whilst Engine No1 is running, this will cause Engine No2 to start automatically. Once both engines are running you may drive as normal.

With both engines running, briefly turn F1 off and on again to stop Engine No2 and leave the other running on tickover! To stop either one or both engines, turn off F1.

Normal two engine shutdown when pressing F1 off, will shut off Engine No2 first, then Engine No1 second as per the prototype.

Driving Technique (Operation of Fill):

The controller on a Western has a 'Fill' position which fills the torque converter/transmission with hydraulic (pre-heated) oil to prepare the loco to move off (akin to putting the loco in gear).

This causes the engine rev's to reduce as the torque of the engine kicks in,the loco can be driven at slow speeds in the 'Fill' position. On our model this is carried out as below:

Open the throttle a small amount to move to 'Fill', the loco will not move but the engine rev's will reduce slightly. Now Open the throttle a little further to move off, the engine revs's will stay constant.

Then open the throttle further still to 'Notch Up' and drive as normal. In addition to this there are three more ways of departing, represent 'differing load conditions', this depends, as per the prototype locomotives of how far the driver opens the throttle.

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