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ESU Class 87 (Legomanbiffo)

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND Sound Decoders.

PLEASE NOTE: This model is designed for a small Micro Decoder, the Standard V4 will not fit unless you modify the chassis.

F0 Directional Lights

F1 Sound On/Off.(Pantograph Compressor to create air for pantograph: Then Pantograph up)

F2 Playable High Note Horn

F3 Playable Low Note Horn

F4 Buffer Up (When Moving) & Coupling Hook (When Stationery)

F5 Manual Brake application (When moving)/ Brake Dump (When Stationery)

F6 Drivers door slam. (Now with three random slamming sounds)

F7 Main Compressor

F8 Not Used

F9 Automatic Flange/Wheel Squeel. (Speed Dependant)

F10 Guard/Station Staff Despatch Whistle

F11 Guard to Driver 'Right of Way signal' Buzzer

F12 Rheostatic Braking Fans

F13 Air Sanders

F14 Neutral Section

F15 Spirax Valves. (Air bleed popping when stationery)

F16 Mk3 Coach wail

F17 Not Used

F18 Track Detonators (Three Bang Stop) Different sounds depending on speed !

F19 Aux 1 (Cab Lights if wired to work) Auto Fade Enabled

F20 Aux 2

WHEEL SLIP: If you start the locomotive too quickly you activate the 'Wheel Slip' to stop this as on the real locomotive, you reduce the speed.

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ESU Class 87 (Legomanbiffo) Sound

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