Cobalt iP Analog  (Single Pack)

Cobalt iP Analog (Single Pack)

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Cobalt iP Analog (Single Pack). One Cobalt-iP ńˇýIntelligent PowerńˇŁ Point Motor with all installation accessories including one double sided foam mounting pad. Suitable for all Gauges from large to very small. Cobalt-iPńˇ╗s Super-low current draw means very low power bus needs and Cobalt-iP is also able to cope with a very wide range of DC voltages. We prefer 9~12v, but any voltage from 7 to 23 volts is acceptable! Similarly, connection via an accessory decoder to a wide range of DCC track voltage is also OK ńˇ˝ covering the full spectrum of DCC standards, 9~24v. (For DCC control we strongly recommend that you use our AD2fx and AD8fx Series decoders to add additional functionality not available from other brands) Cobalt-iP is already centred and ready to install straight out of the box and is able to do anything you might imagine as it has THREE ńˇýbreak before makeńˇŁ changeover switches ńˇ˝ One is a low power SPDT switch linked to The Cobalt-iP drive power directly to allow easy connection of low current lighting for panels, signals etcńˇ_ or for linking to your computer or system control to report point position. The other two are super high power SPDT switches suitable for up to 5 amps continuous power handling ńˇ˝ usable for frog polarity, interlocking or many similar applications. With Cobalt-IP ńˇýintelligent powerńˇŁ Analog motors, which are switched with reversing DC power, you can use all the switching for layout needs as the LEDs for control panel indication can simply be put in-line with power leads! You can also have it both ways with Cobalt-iP ńˇ˝ Add digital control with our Cobalt AD2fx or AD8fx accessory decoders and still retain the ability for both conventional control panel and DCC or computer control at any time! Related Information: Cobalt iP Analog Manual Accessory Decoders for Cobalt

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