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AD-6fx is something really special!

AD-6fx is a high performance high feature level 6-output DCC accessory decoder with reversing DC outputs for Cobalt type motors and similar devices.

AD-6fx will tolerate a very wide track bus voltage range and offer exceptionally low current draw while static (effectively zero). AD-6fx is designed to connect straight to track power or your accessory power bus.

Because it only permits drive power for the few seconds needed to reliably change a Cobalt Classic or Cobalt iP Analog point motor or other device it is controlling, so it will never take important power away from other operations.

Addressing is so easy that we call it learning rather than programming there are no CVs to set for addressing All it needs is the changing of a simple switch to make it ready to teach once that is done all you need do it act as if you are already changing it at the address you want it to be, return the switch to the run position and its done.

Wiring and connections are easy too, as they are clearly printed onto the PCB so you will never forget how it should be done, even if working under the layout!

The AD-6fx is easy to install, set up and connect to your layout systems:

Screw connectors means no need to solder.

One power input point for all outputs

Simple 2-wire output to the device being controlled

3 low power terminals for direct connection of panel LEDs or signal.

3 switch terminals with the option of one or two push-button switches

1 terminal which swings to (+) or (0) voltage for direct connection of position feedback to systems that require it or any computer IO interface at all.

Simple Learn / Operate 2-position switch for easy addressing.

Special Self centering commands to work with Cobalt iP Analog (Using accessory addresses, Command 199 and 198 introduce or cancel self centering).

Command 197 (Using an accessory command) will electronically swap the change direction of AD-6fx

Flat back for easy layout mounting

All that makes AD-6fx really versatile. AD-6fx can also control multiple point motors on each of its 6 outputs, so it is economical too!

Because it has low power needs there is no real need for added boosters just for point motors.

AD-6fx can easily be macro or program driven and will always respond to rapid-fire commands as it is not limited by heavy power bus needs.

Having directly controlled panel lights for signals plus feedback makes it something special and when it is connected to Cobalt Classic or Cobalt iP Analog, the combination adds two more changeover switches, making it possible to control almost anything you can think of with nothing extra to buy or install.

We think that makes our AD-6fx Accessory decoder series the best available!

Features / Specification


Accessory Decoder

IP Analog


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DCC Concepts DCD-AD6fx Cobalt iP DCC Decoder FX Stall Motor Drive (6-way Output)

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