DCC Concepts DCF-WP12 Wheel Pickups

DCC Concepts DCF-WP12 Wheel Pickups

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DCC Concepts DCF-WP12 Wheel Pickups

Wheel Pickups for your coaches and wagons. To enable to to have coach lighting or Lanterns on the back of your rolling stock.

Wiper Pickups (12 Pack)

12 pair/sets of top quality easy to install wiper type pickups. These super easy to mount pickups use the classic wiper method and are supplied ready to mount with no assembly. They even come complete with screws for easy installation (they can also be glued of course). The finger contacts themselves are 9 carat gold plated for zero corrosion and super-smooth contact, making them very special indeed. Perfect for adding to steam locos and tenders for greatly improved performance at slow speed.

Wheel Pickups

Coach lighting.

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