Digital headquarters- InfinityCUBE
Digital headquarters- InfinityCUBEDigital headquarters- InfinityCUBEDigital headquarters- InfinityCUBE
Digital headquarters- InfinityCUBEDigital headquarters- InfinityCUBE

Digital headquarters- InfinityCUBE

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Digital headquarters- InfinityCUBE


One for (almost) all model railways:

  • flexible  for the connection of digital control devices from various manufacturers
  • universal  for DCC (14, 28, 128 speed steps), DCC-A, RailCom, MM, MM2, m3, s88-N, X-Net, L-Net, BiDiB, CAN
  • 100% independent  of apps or operating systems thanks to the integrated web interface
  • Ingeniously simple:  Familiar media (smartphone, tablet, PC) are used to configure the digital environment and program the decoder. The user interface: 100% "ordinary".
  • innovative + future-proof:  Inside is a 32-bit processor with ARM architecture with open source firmware. The connection to the PC takes place via a LAN interface.
  • open  to all operating concepts from digital (hand) control devices to smartphones and tablets to PCs
  • informative:  The operating status is shown on the display. RGB LEDs in the housing shine from a distance in the color that matches the operating status.
  • strong:  The integrated booster supplies up to 6.5 A of current. Short circuit sensitivity and track voltage are individually adjustable (1 - 6.5 A or 8 - 22 V).

Technical specifications:

Digital formats

  • Motorola-I and -II
  • DCC (according to NMRA and RCN standard)
  • m3 (for controlling mfx decoders, no feedback)

Vehicle decoder addresses:

  • Motorola: 255 (1 - 255)
  • DCC: 10.239 (1 - 10239)
  • m3: 16,384

Speed ​​steps:

  • Motorola: 14 or 27 (a or b)
  • DCC: 14, 28 or 128
  • m3: 128


  • Motorola: function, f1 to f4
  • DCC: f0 to f31 or f32.768
  • m3: f0, f1 to f14

Accessory decoder addresses:

  • Motorola: 1,020 (1 - 1,020)
  • DCC: 2,040 (1 - 2,040)
  • m3: -

Feedback formats

  • RailCom:
    • integrated global RailCom detector
    • RailCom cutout can be switched off with the integrated booster
  • DCC-A:
    • enables the automatic registration of DCC vehicle decoders at the control center
    • The extension of the DCC format is currently available (as of December 2020) as a draft standard from the RailCommunity and is expected to be adopted in 2021.

Power supply

  • Switching power supply with 24 Volt / 6.67 A / 160 W (included in delivery)
  • to supply the control center and the tracks in the booster section of the integrated booster


For the connection of external control devices:

  • Märklin CAN bus (Mini-Din 10-pin)
  • LocoNet (RJ 12)
  • EasyNet (RJ 45)
  • XpressNet (RJ 12)
  • rec / "Sniffer" (2-pole)

Computer interface:

  • LAN (RJ 45)

Other interfaces:

  • Power supply
  • Main track and DCC programming track
  • external booster (optionally Märklin-compatible or DCC-compliant)
  • BiDiB (RJ 45)
  • s88 feedback modules (RJ 45 according to standard s88-N). Maximum number of s88 modules: 64 s88 or s88 compatible modules (1,024 contacts)

Dimensions and weight of the central unit (without power supply unit)

  • Dimensions: 170 x 150 x 82 mm
  • Weight: 830 g

Integrated booster

  • Output current: max. 6.5 A.
  • Short circuit sensitivity: 1 - 6.5 A (adjustable in steps of 0.5A)
  • Output voltage: 8 to 22 V digital voltage (regulated, adjustable in steps of 1 V)
  • Output signal: symmetrical

scope of delivery

  • Digital center | InfinityCUBE
  • Switching power supply (for supplying the control center and the integrated booster)
  • Power cord for switching power supply
  • Yellow patch cable with RJ 45 connectors (length: 2 m)
  • Connector for DCC booster, programming and main track
  • quick start Guide

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