Digitrax DCS240 LocoNet Advanced Command Station

Digitrax DCS240 LocoNet Advanced Command Station

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Digitrax_DCS240_LocoNet_ Advanced Command Station.More LocosMore CapacityReally Big Fun!The DCS240 Advanced Command Station lets your LocoNet__System run up to 400 locos and 400 throttles. Full read/write programming, route capability, USB connectivity, and separate programming output lets you run and program at the same time. _ 5 or 8 Amps of Power 400 Loco Addresses 400 Throttle Support Combination Advanced LocoNet__Command Station and 8 amp CTC booster User selectable N,HO, and large scale operation with Voltage Trim LocoNet for easy plug _n play installation and system expansion Auto resetting over temperature and short circuit protection Hardware EZ routes and Loco Reset Integrated USB for Computer Support Over-Voltage Protected Auto shutdown when command control signal is lost to prevent _runaway_ trains _Note: Accepts_DC POWER_input_ONLY_from power supply (sold separately). Recommended power supply: Digitrax PS514 or equivalent. MAXIMUM INPUT 8 AMPS, 24VDC, 192 VA MAXIMUM CONTINUOUS, DO NOT Exceed 25VDC maximum Input. Minimum Input 13VDC.Technical Note About DCC Booster Output Ratings:_Digitrax boosters have maximum output current limits of either 5 or 8 amps. The actual continuous output current that your booster will provide to the layout depends on several factors including the input supply voltage, the ambient room temperature and air flow over the booster's heat sink. Higher input voltages increase the amount of heat that must be dissipated by the booster's heat sink. If the heat sink does not get enough air flow to allow for heat dissipation, the booster will eventually reach an over temperature state and shut down. A small fan blowing across the heat sink on your booster will increase the maximum sustained current output capacity of your booster.Each DCC company specifies the output capacity of its boosters according to their own internal standards. Tests designed and performed by several model railroaders have shown wide variations in the actual output capacity of DCC boosters. In most cases the tests were designed to overload boosters and cause them to shut down. The conclusion based on these tests is that each manufacturer uses a different way of determining booster output capacity, Digitrax tends to be more conservative in stating booster output ratings. The factor that is most important for achieving maximum output capacity is the booster_s heat sinking ability. In these tests, Digitrax boosters have demonstrated excellent heat sinking capabilities and the ability to consistently output the advertised 5 or 8 amps when appropriate fans are added in high temperature situations.Specifications Size 5.39" X 4.05" X 3.26" (137mm X 103mm X 83mm) Original Release Date 06/24/2016 Warranty No Worries Warranty_(read more) Booster Current Rating 5 Amps or 8 Amps depending on power supply used_

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