Digitrax PM42 Quad Power Manager

Digitrax PM42 Quad Power Manager

Digitrax PM42Ść

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Digitrax PM42 Quad Power Manager. Get the benefits of short circuit management and auto reversing without adding more boosters! PM42 Quad Power Manager lets you use a single booster and divide its output into 4 power sub-districts for automatic reversing or to improve operation by preempting booster shutdown when a short circuit is detected by the PM42. If you want to improve operation but don't need the added power (or expense) of adding a booster, the PM42 is the right answer for you. Each PM42 can run 4 sub-districts off a single booster in any combination of regular sub-districts and auto reversing sub-districts. PM42 Features: Cost effective power management for 4 power sub-districts Short circuit management or auto-reversing for each sub-district Increases layout reliability by preempting booster shutdown, minimizes downtime by automatically restarting once a short is cleared. User selectable short circuit detection sensitivity to optimize operation with other layout equipment Auto-Reversing manages polarity mismatches on reversing track sections Auto-Reversing is automatic, no need for toggle switches or additional boosters PM42 connects to LocoNet to transmit information to your system No locomotive wiring modifications needed Note: External power supply is needed. PS14 (sold separately) or equivalent is recommended Specifications Size 4.25" (width of 44 pin connector) x 4.5" (length when plugged into 44 pin connector) x 0.80" Original Release Date 11-08-2002 Warranty No Worries Warranty (read more)

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