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MCC Dinamo Car System car decoder.

For the record:. MCCdec03 is NOT a replacement for MCCdec02, but is an addition to our range.Both versions have their specific advantages. In brief: MCCdec03 is primarily intended for the smallest vehicles has extensive energy management, optimized for LiPo batteries, and also only works on a LiPo battery (or NiMH 3's). MCCdec02 is intended for the slightly less small vehicles, has voltage stabilization at all job exits, and is usable with virtually any battery pack or battery. MCCdec For the cars of Dinamo / MCC system to control digital, you need a decoder in the cars. For this, the MCCdec has been developed. There are two types of decoders available: MCCdec02 and MCCdec03. Both of these are in the meantime of the third generation, so that the functionality is very complete. Since the decoder software "on the road" is adaptable, they are suitable for all sorts of vehicles. The MCCdec03 decoder measures just 11.8 x 12.1 x 3.5 mm, it fits even in a car and H0, has much in scale N. Functions (all types) Addressing Option 1 from 4095 addresses Control of the engine with cruise control (also very slow driving). Slow acceleration and deceleration with multiple characteristics Control of headlamps, turn signals, brake lights, tail lights Emergency stop if the car 'the way' is lost Sleep mode to save power when the transmitter is off and obviously a wake-up function flow if the station is active again Battery Monitoring Advanced "on-the-road" software configurable. A total of nine outputs for functions whose seven freely configurable Configurable 4-channel sequencer itself to design lighting effects Differences MCCdec02 and MCCdec03 Function MCCdec02 MCCdec03 Energie management Snooze Snooze, Sleep, Hibernate Dimensions in mm 12,8 x 16,6 (14,6) x 4,6 11,8 x 12,1 (10,1) x 3,5 Supply Voltage Min 0.9V 2,9V Voedingspanning Max 4,1V 4.2V Power supply Abs, Max 5.5V 5.5V Function outputs stabilized And Nee Battery Configuration 1xAlkaline, 2xAlkaline, 1xNiMH, 2xNiMH, 3xNiMH, 1xLiPo 3xNiMH, 1xLiPo

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MCC Dinamo Car system Decoder

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VPEB MCC DINAMO MCCdec03 Car Decoder

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