ESU 50345 Speaker 22mm x 42mm x 8.0mm 4 Ohm Bass Reflex

ESU 50345 Speaker 22mm x 42mm x 8.0mm 4 Ohm Bass Reflex

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Incoming, expected 28/09/2020


ESU 50345 Speaker 22mm x 42mm x 8.0mm, 4 Ohm, Bass Reflex.
This new loudspeaker module fits wherever 20mm x 40mm rectangular speakers were previously installed. With the help of the built-in passive radiator in conjunction with two rectangular speakers, the module achieves a significantly improved bass response and achieves a considerable sound pressure even at the high and mid-range. The module is particularly suitable for diesel or steam locomotives, where emphasis is placed on contemporary bass reproduction. The speaker fits perfectly with our LokSound 5 micro, LokSound 5 or LokSound 5 L decoders.

You must never use the new 4 Ohms speakers with the previous LokSound V3.5 decoder. The decoder could be destroyed! When the decoder is replaced, the speaker must! be changed as well.

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