ESU Class 53 Falcon (Legomanbiffo) Sound

ESU Class 53 Falcon (Legomanbiffo) Sound

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LB-Class 53 Falcon (LegomanbiffoV5)

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V5 Sound Decoders.

F0 Lights On / Off (New Fade on/Fade off feature enabled)

F1 Sound On/Off.

F2 Playable High Note Horn.

F3 Playable Low Note Horn.

F4 Buffer Clash on slow speed / Two different coupling hook sounds when stationery.(See Note 1 Below)

F5 Air Brake Application when moving, Air Brake Release (Dump) when stationery. (See Note 2 Below)

F6 Drivers door open/close (Random door closing feature).

F7 Compressor On/Off

F8 Drive Hold (DriveLock)

F9 Automatic Speed dependant Flange/Wheel Squeel.

F10 Guards Despatch Whistle.

F11 Not Used.

F12 Radiator Fan.

F13 Sanders.

F14 Not Used.

F15 Not Used.

F16 Not Used.

F17 Triple Pump.

F18 Track Detonators (A speed dependant 3 Bang Stop Warning). See Note 3 Below

F19 Aux 1.

F20 Aux 2.


NOTE 1: Two different buffering up sounds when moving + Two different coupling hook sounds when stationery

NOTE 2: If F5 is left on this will simulate a brake application sound, when speed is reduced to Zero,

Also when stationery F5 simulates the brake dump, before you apply power to move.

NOTE 3: The Speed dependant track detonators sounds are now enabled with a LED Flash sequence which IF fitted will 'FLASH' when the detonators explode.

V5 Decoders & Speaker Kit: Please note: The new Speaker has an multisize sound enclosure, this should be built up and made 'Airtight'. This speaker will not work correctly without this sound enclosure, and our quality sounds will be impaired. Other larger speakers are available.

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