ESU Class 71(Legomanbiffo) Sound

ESU Class 71(Legomanbiffo) Sound

Our Price:  £118.50 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  71-ESU-V5-8
Brand:  ESU

LB-Class 71 SR Bo-Bo Electric (LegomanbiffoV5) Hornby Model

Hornby use a 8Pin Decoder

Includes our Exclusive Directional 'AUTOFADE' LIGHT FEATURES (Cab & Marker Lights)

Class 71 All New Project

F0 Lights On/Off.

F1 Sound On/Off.

F2 Playable Low Whistle.

F3 Playable High Whistle.

F4 Buffer clash (when moving slowly) / coupling hook (when stationary)

F5 Brake application / auto-brake.

May be left on all the time, then when the throttle is 'dipped' a brake application sound is played. Pressing whilst stationary will produce the sound of the auto-brake.

F6 Driver's door slam. 1 of 3 played at random.

F7 Compressor.

F8 Pantograph Up/Down.

F9 Automatic flange squeal. Can be left on all the time and will produce appropriate sounds at any speed right down to / from stationary.

F10 Guards Despatch whistle.

F11 Not Used.

F12 Not Used.

F13 Sanders.

F14 Two Speed Exhauster.

F15 Not Used.

F16 Not Used.

F17 Not Used.

F18 Detonators. A 'three-bang stop'. The bangs come closer together as the loco gets faster. (This item is Flash Enabled)

F19 Aux 1 (AutoFade Cab Directional Cab Lights)

F20 Aux 2

Basic operation of the electric traction is via F1 as normal, with F8 selecting pantograph operation as follows;

For a normal start on 3rd rail press F1. You will hear a contactor clunk and then idle sound. From there you can drive the loco as normal. To shutdown whilst on 3rd rail, turn F1 off.

You will hear a contactor clunk as the shutdown occurs.

During 3rd rail operation you can change to pantograph operation by pressing F8. You will hear the pantograph go up and contact the wire. You can then continue to drive the loco as normal.

To take the pantograph down but remain on 3rd rail, turn F8 off. You will hear the pantograph drop but the idle sound will continue. You can then continue to drive the loco as normal.

You can shutdown during pantograph operation by turning F1 off.

To start on pantograph press F8 (for pantograph operation) then F1. When you press F1 you will hear a compressor and then the pantograph going up, then a contactor clunk and then normal idle. You can then drive the loco as normal. To return to 3rd rail operation, turn F8 off.

V5 Decoders & Speaker Kit: Please note: The new Speaker has an multisize sound enclosure, this should be built up and made 'Airtight'. This speaker will not work correctly without this sound enclosure, and our quality sounds will be impaired. Other larger speakers are available.

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