ESU (Legomanbiffo) Sound Decoder Class 37/4 WD  With DriveLock

ESU (Legomanbiffo) Sound Decoder Class 37/4 WD With DriveLock

ESU Class 37 sound Legomanbiffo

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Product Code:  37-4-ESU-V5-8
Brand:  ESU
Decoder Type
Zimo LS18x13x13 Loudspeaker  8Ohm 1 wattZimo LS18x13x13 Loudspeaker 8Ohm 1 watt
Zimo LS55X22X09 LoudspeakerZimo LS55X22X09 Loudspeaker

Class 37/4 WD (Legomanbiffo) With DriveLock

Class 37/4 WD Featuring the Wensleydale Class 37.


V4 Helpsheet notes, including exclusive features - V4 Helpsheet V8 (this will automatically download the helpsheet document for you)

F2, F3, F5, F6 & F8 (horns, air release, door slam and air tanks) are all playable with the engine switched off, as per the prototype

Alternatively, if you press F11 and leave it on, it plays the request (as above) followed by the request granted sound to simulate a successful exchange.

RETB: If you press F11 and then release it, it plays the 'token request' part of the sound and then stops. You can then press and release it again to make another request, ad infinitum.

F20 Aux

F19 Aux

F18 Track Detonators (A speed dependant 3 Bang Stop Warning).

F17 Not Used

F16 Not Used

F15 Spirax Valves

F14 Exhauster High Speed

F13 Sanders

F12 Roof fan / cooler group

F11 RETB (See notes)

F10 Despatch whistleŚć

F9 Automatic Speed dependant Flange/Wheel Squeel.

F8 Drive Hold (DriveLock)

F7 Compressor

F6 Driver's door open / close

F5 Air brake release

F4 Buffer Clash on slow speed / Two different coupling hook sounds when stationery.

F3 Playable low horn

F2 Playable high horn

F1 Sound on / off

F0 Lights

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V4 Sound Decoders.

Click here for latest version of V4 Helpsheet

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