ESU Terrier SR Pannier Tank Sound Decoder

ESU Terrier SR Pannier Tank Sound Decoder

Our Price:  £118.00 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  ESU-Terrier-SR-6pin
Brand:  ESU

ESU Terrier V5 ESU sound from Digitrains

F0 Lights if Fitted

F1 Sound on/off                                   

F2 Whistle

F3 Whistle                                             

F4 Drain Cocks

F5 Flange noise          

F6 Injector                                   

F7 Platform whistle

F8 Vol / Mute                                                   

F9 Fade sounds                                                      

F10 Blower

F11 Coupling

F12 Fireman and Blower   + Aux 1 for glow

F13 Westinghouse pump                                         



For “Auto tune up” if loco jerky at low speed.

Put loco on track and select address

Ensure enough room for loco to run for a few seconds while procedure takes place

Set CV54 to 0, Program on main.

Press F1

Loco will set off and learn all relevant motor settings.

When it stops the sound will start and the process is complete.

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