Fleischmann 6915 Profi Track Turntable Control Unit

Fleischmann 6915 Profi Track Turntable Control Unit

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Fleischmann 6915 Profi Track Turntable Control Unit


This unit will control DC or DCC controlled layouts. This is comparable and will work with the Fleischmann turntable range and also the Marklin Turntable.

There is also a loco-net connection to can be connected to the original Fleischmann twin centre or Uhlenbrock or any Loco-net system.

The unit show the track position of the turntable bridge. You can set up to store the positions of your own turntable set up. If you have the C version of the Turntable then the polarity of the bridge is also change automatically.

The modern turntable control switch is designed for use in conjunction with the Fleischmann Turntables. An LCD display gives a visual indication of the setting of the turntable bridge, the location of the track exits installed and shows the active track exit, together with additional functions.

Symbols of the active functions give it a simple, user-friendly operation. Each track exit can be individually controlled. Because the polarity change is catered for by the switch, when rotating through 360°, the turntable is protected against short circuit.

The turntable control switch is suitable for operation wtih 2-rail DC operation, the 3-rail AC operation, and will also operate with all digital systems - DCC, FMZ and Märklin-Digital. No changes or alterations to the turntable are necessary.


Length 123mm
Depth 135mm
Height 80mm
Cable Length 500mm


Scale  HO
Gauge  HO
Type  Turntable Control Unit

Fleischmann Turntable Control Unit 6915 HO SCALE

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