Heljan 2540 Class 25/3 BR Blue/Grey ETHEL 1 ADB97250

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Heljan 2540 Class 25/3 BR Blue/Grey ETHEL 1 ADB97250 - DUE OUT Q4 2020

Decoder Type: 21 Pin

The new class 25 model depicts the later body design variant of the popular and successful BR/Sulzer Type 2 used on almost any type of train across a very wide area of the countryfrom the 1960's until the late 80's when the class was withdawn.

Built By: BR Derby Works/Beyer Peacock
Number Built: 239
Number Series: D5238-99, D7500-D7677 (25088-27327)
Career: 1963-1991
Region: All except Southern
Purpose: Mixed traffic
Status in 2019: 12 preserved examples
Features: original circular or revised exhaust ports, optional blanking plates for side grilles and boiler footsteps

Scale  OO
Condition  New
Locomotive Type  Diesel Locomotive
Sound Fitted  NO

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