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LB158Plux22 LB-Class 158/159 (New Bachmann Model) PluX 22

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V5 Sound Decoders.

NEW PluX 22 Bachmann Project 

F0 Day Time Front Running Lights (If F20 is off)

F1 Engines On/Off.                                                                                CV259=228,  CV443=160 

F2 Playable High Note Horn.                                                                  CV267=228

F3 Playable Low Note Horn                                                                    CV275=228

F4 Passenger Doors Open / Close.                                                      CV291=200

F5 Manual Brake (When Moving) Brake Dump (When Stationery).      CV291=200

F6 Drivers door open/close.                                                                   CV299=228

F7 Compressor Speed Up.                                                               

F8 Toilet Discharge/Flush.                                                                      CV315=200

F9 Speed Dependant Auto Flange / Wheel Squeel.                               CV323=228

F10 Despatch Whistle.                                                                           CV331=228

F11 Guard to Driver 'Right of Way signal' & Optional Reply.                  CV339=200

F12 Interior Lights.                                                                              

F13 Sanders.                                                                                           CV355=228

F14 Automatic Coupling/Uncoupling.                                                      CV363=228

F15 Passenger Announcements Set 1 (All Regions)                             CV371=128  *** See Below

F16 Passenger Announcements Set 2 (Provincial England/Scotland)  CV379=128  *** See Below

F17 Passenger Announcements Set 3 (Provincial England)                 CV387=128  *** See Below

F18 Speed Dependant Detonators.                                                        CV395=228

F19 Directional Cab Light.                                                                      CV427=190

F20 Night Time Running on Front Lights (If F0 is off).

F21 Disable all lights at End A.

F22 Disable all lights at End B.

F23 Air Conditioning.                                                                               CV451=228

F24 Windscreen Wipers.                                                                        CV459=228

F25 Desk Open/Close.                                                                            CV467=228

F26 NRN Radio Test.                                                                               CV475=228

ESU Plux22 NON Sound decoders are available for this new model operating all Non sound options (See Menu when ordering).


The Class 158/159 Project is available with:

Provincial England OR Scotland,

Northern Newcastle OR Darlington,

Arriva Wales, Great Western Devon/Cornwall'

South West Trains.

CAB LIGHTING: (Please note this operates rear cab only due to incorrect Bachmann Wiring)

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LB158Plux22 Legomanbiffo Class 158/159 ESU Sound Decoder (New Bachmann Model) PluX 22

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