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With the 8-channel LoDi-83-AC you can  control up to 4 turnouts or signals.  

The LoDi-83-AC is a switching decoder designed for alternating voltage between 14 volts and 22 volts.

  • AC voltage decoder for the DCC protocol. 
  • There are 8 channels available, each with a 1 ampere per output, the total of the connected channels must not exceed 2 A.
  • You can connect all common motor switch drives, magnetic coil drives and lamps to the LoDi-83-AC. 
  • The LoDi-83-AC is also suitable for consumers that require alternating voltage such as stop points, other old coils or all-current motors.
  • Has a demagnetizing effect for drives with coils! 
  • Each output is protected against overload separately from one another. 
  • Easily configurable via DCC RailCom.

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