LoDi starter set driving LoDi-Rektor, LoDi-Booster 20v

LoDi starter set driving LoDi-Rektor, LoDi-Booster 20v

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LoDi starter set driving LoDi-Rektor, LoDi-Booster


The entry-level set includes:

1 * LoDi-Rektor, the driving center for your locomotives and switches. 

1 * LoDi booster, the double booster with 2 * 2.3 amps.


Scope of delivery:

LoDi-Rektor, 1 µCon-Bus terminator, 2 meter yellow network cable, USB power supply and USB-C cable.
LoDi booster. 1 µCon bus cable green 50cm, IEC cable, 1 switching power supply 12, 15 or 20 volts, depending on the selection. Please let us know the required power supply strength after purchase. (Z-Bahner 12 volt, N-TT-H0e / M 15 volt, H0 -pur1 20 volt).


LoDi Rector

The LoDi-Rektor is an interface that is required to generate the necessary locomotive data formats.

It is the link between the computer and the locomotive. The raw locomotive data are generated by the computer and sent to the LoDi Rector. This then generates the required track signal.

The LoDi Rector currently supports DCC, Motorola and M3.

The LoDi Rector controls the connected components via the µCon bus. The µCon bus was developed as a booster bus and further developed by us. It is fully downward compatible with the old µCon devices that can be connected to the µCon bus. 

The LoDi Rector can be used as a pure booster interface and its own control center can be connected to CDE. The CDE is easily switched from OUT to IN using our LoDi programmer. ( Look here )

Modern network interface, therefore driverless operation. 

Digital center and track signal generator of the latest version 2.0. Faster processing from PC to LoDi Rector, less data traffic, more efficient processing. 

Perfect for all sizes of model railroad layouts, whether small, large or even larger, the LoDi Rector has enough power to effortlessly cope with even the largest layouts. However, if your system does reach a dimension where normal central units reach their limits, simply connect a second LoDi rector to the system. For this you can easily configure so-called "hand-over points".


LoDi booster

The LoDi-Booster has two channels, each providing 2.3A. 

If your need is higher, you must connect a corresponding number of additional LoDi boosters to ensure the power supply.

For systems that are monitored with RailCom, the LoDi booster provides the so-called RailCom cutout, which is responsible for transmitting the Railcom return channels.

The LoDi-Booster supplies the electricity that is required to operate the digitally controlled locomotives and the switches, as well as all other consumers on the layout. In the event of a short circuit on the model railway layout (e.g. caused by a derailed wagon or locomotive), it switches the booster cuts the current on the system in order to avoid further damage to the rails or the rolling stock. Due to the integrated intelligence of the LoDi-Booster, only the affected areas are switched off in the event of a short circuit and reported back to the software control used. In this way, the rest of the model railway system can continue to run without the risk of damage to the rolling stock. The booster brings the voltage to the track,




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