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MIFOSHAPE sculpting powder
MIFOSHAPE sculpting powder

MIFOSHAPE! sculpting powder.

Introducing MIFOSHAPE! A sculpting powder blend that will bring a smile to your face as you effortlessly shape scenes! Start creating now!

Can MIFOSHAPE! be worked with for an extended period?

  • Yes, with MIFOSHAPE!, you can easily work for up to half an hour before it begins to set. During the curing period, you can still add desired textures and details.

How does the structure of MIFOSHAPE! compare to other modeling clays?

  • MIFOSHAPE! boasts a finer structure. Its longer working time allows you to add more intricate details to your landscapes and rock formations!

How quickly does MIFOSHAPE! dry?

  • It depends on the amount of water used in the mixture and the thickness of your layer. The initial curing occurs within the first two hours, with subsequent evaporation of any remaining water taking a few days. You can expedite the process by using a fan to ventilate the area where MIFOSHAPE! has been applied!

Can you add details to MIFOSHAPE!?

  • Absolutely! MIFOSHAPE! is specifically crafted for its detail-friendly nature. Take your time to hone your shaping and carving skills, and observe the true artistry unfold. TIP: Adding a spoonful of wood glue to your mixture enables you to achieve even sharper, finer details.

What is the shelf life of MIFOSHAPE!?

  • Once opened, MIFOSHAPE! maintains a minimum shelf life of six months under the following conditions: Seal the bag using the strip provided and prevent any moisture from entering the bag.

What is the mixing ratio of MIFOSHAPE!? The packaging doesn't indicate it?

  • That's correct, and it's because there are various mixing ratios available. The most common ratio is 3 parts MIFOSHAPE! to 1 part water. The less water used, the quicker the drying time. Our advice? Experiment with the ratio and discover what works best for you.
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MIFOSHAPE sculpting powder

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