MTB MP1 Point Motor

MTB MP1 Point Motor

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MP1 Point Switch Model railway motor switch Model railway motor switch MP1

A motor switch with silent and slow motion.

  • Miniature scant-lings 28 x 40mm (w x l)
  • Inbuilt motor with planetary transmission
  • Direct replace of electromagnetic motor switch with a three-core connection
  • Easy set basic position of rod

The motor switch is used for electric operation of the two-position mechanisms in models such as turnout points of mechanical signals and barriers. The travel distance can be set in three steps, 3mm, 6mm and 9mm

DC and AC power supplies are suitable, with a current consumption of approx 150 mA when moving. The mechanism has an end of travel detection switch, i.e. the control voltage can be applied permanently, to be disconnected automatically once a respective position is reached and the motion ceases. For accessory and frog control, there is a 1-amp switch SPDT contract with re-settable thermal protection fuse set to 0.5A short-circuit protection on the point frog.

Motor Size:
Length: 41mm
Width: 33mm, but 45mm with fixing plate either side
Depth: 17mm



MTB point motor MP1

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Best Point Motor Ever
24 April 2023  | 

I've been using these point motors for a few years now and they are simply the best. So easy to install and they never have an issue, they just work. Silent and very small in size. With the help of James's amazing service I HIGHLY recommend these point motors.

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MP1 Tips
26 August 2022  | 

Having installed 12 on these motors on one of our club exhibition layouts I must say how impressed we are with how easy they are to install. The number of adjustments designed into these motors to aid their alignment and adjust the point tie bar travel is second to none. However, the following tips might be worth noting. To remove the slide bar assembly, to adjust the travel limit, it is not necessary to remove the motor cover - just slacken off the two cover screws sufficiently to prise it open enough to remove the bar. The lugs on the back of the cover will hold it in place whilst carrying out this procedure which, if removed completely, can be a little fiddly to relocate. Also, while adjusting the needle position we have found some of the two slider screws very tight and whilst trying to unscrew them found the locking nuts rotating instead of being held in position in the channel in the rear of the slider. Believe this may be due to their over tightening during assembly. Worth checking this before installation, if screws are too tight hold the nut with a small nose pliers, unscrew and if necessary reposition the nut with flat edges against the sides of the channel and nip tighten the screw. Overall an excellent product.

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Superb Point Motor
07 October 2021  | 

I have over 20 of these point motors. I like the ease of fitting with the Screw Terminals and the fact that the actuation pin is adjustable for height so you can extend the pin to aid point fitting, then push the pin down once fitted, then lock off the pin with screw on the motor. The throw length is adjustable, and if your motor isnít properly centralised this is adjustable for left to right movement. Although this is the base point motor it also has an inbuilt switch to switch the live frog power with three short wires for track power and the frog. Having used Seep and Hornby Solenoid motors, these are my new favourites! No need for a CDU or the annoying thunk as the point switches.

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