MTB MP1 Point Motor

MTB MP1 Point Motor

MTB point motor MP1

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Digikeijs DR4018 16-channel switch decoderDigikeijs DR4018 16-channel switch decoder


MP1 Point Switch Model railway motor switch Model railway motor switch MP1

A motor switch with silent and slow motion.

  • Miniature scant-lings 28 x 40mm (w x l)
  • Inbuilt motor with planetary transmission
  • Direct replace of electromagnetic motor switch with a three-core connection
  • Easy set basic position of rod

The motor switch is used for electric operation of the two-position mechanisms in models such as turnout points of mechanical signals and barriers. The travel distance can be set in three steps, 3mm, 6mm and 9mm

DC and AC power supplies are suitable, with a current consumption of approx 150 mA when moving. The mechanism has an end of travel detection switch, i.e. the control voltage can be applied permanently, to be disconnected automatically once a respective position is reached and the motion ceases. For accessory and frog control, there is a 1-amp switch SPDT contract with re-settable thermal protection fuse set to 0.5A short-circuit protection on the point frog.

Motor Size:
Length: 41mm
Width: 33mm, but 45mm with fixing plate either side
Depth: 17mm


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